Excursions and tours

Sardinia is the second biggest island of the Mediterranean Sea, a great and old territory with several zones all different from one another. The sea of all the coasts, the sand dunes of Porto Pino and Arbus, the Gennargentu’s Mountain range, the plain of the campidano and the countrysides spread all around the island, the beautiful city of Cagliari and all the villages; every place has its own history, its natural beauties, its archaeological sites and its culture.
Our staff is realdy to let you live incredible experiences; you choose with us the tour or the excursion that suits the most your needs. It is possible to do all the excursions with the buses, the minibuses or cars.

Daily excursion
The best solution for those who want to altern relaxing days to active days during the holidays. Excursions can be planned for the whole day or just for half of it, during which it is possible to discover the local culture, to visit the archaeological sites, to taste the local food or to see the beaches with our tours. Ask for an estimate price, a member of our staff will be available to discuss with you the best alternative for your excursion.

Plan the tour with us
Do you want to visit Sardinia, but you don’t know how to plan your tour? There’s no problem about it, our experience is at your service. In accordance with the available days, we propose different itineraries that suit the group’s needs. We structure the journey according to the place of departure and the place of arrival: for example, the tour can start in Cagliari and finish in Olbia; we offer itineraries with cultural stages, stages of gastronomic interest and hiking stages in amazing places.

Let’s explore Sardinia by bus
The excursions and the most hidden and fascinating places of our island though, are not only for the tourists, anyone has to enjoy all of this beauty! Cultural associations, folk groups, scout groups or just big or small groups and families can contact us to plan together their daily excursions o tours, at any time of the year.
It’s always possible to ask for the presence of a tour leader or a specialized and multilingual tourist guide, to make your trip in Sardinia unforgettable.