Terms and Conditions of Service

Cancellation and booking

It ‘may cancel your reservation by sending an email to [email protected], you are entitled to a full refund of the transfer if the cancellation is made within 7 days before the transfer forward, you are entitled to partial reimbursement of 70% if the cancellation is made within 7 days before the transfer and not later than 48 hours before the transfer forward, you are not entitled to any refund in case of cancellation of the transfer takes place during the 48 hours before moving forward or in the case where not been informed of the cancellation.

Luggage transport

When booking the customer must indicate how much luggage brings with it during the transfer and if it brings with him cumbersome (golf bags, bikes. Etc.). In some cases it may be a charge. If such communication does not take place or takes place in a wrong way the driver may refuse to carry these items (especially in the case in which for example is required the vehicle and the customer is presented with two golf bags, impossible to be transported in the boot of those size).
The baggage is the sole responsibility of the customer who will not be entitled to any refund for lost or damaged luggage. Luggage forgotten in the vehicle that gave it to you will be taken to the address of residence or at the facility by the customer, at his own expense.
It remains at the discretion of the drivers loaded on the cars bags that do not have the conditions for safe transport (broken suitcases, dirty, wet, etc.

Animal transport

The transport of animals is allowed in all our car, provided it is notified in advance when booking. The animal must be within their carrier.

Flight delays

If the flight is delayed it will be up to each client or agency promptly notify the new timetable planned landing; the driver will wait without supplement the first 60 minutes, then charge a supplement for the expectation of € 25.00 for each hour or fraction (car or minivan).

User behavior

Users are strictly forbidden to:

– Smoking during transport.
– Throwing objects from the vehicle is stationary or moving.
– Deface or damage the vehicle.
– Drink any beverage other than water and eat (except in special cases such as children, people of all ages who need to take food to health issues such as diabetes and so on.)

It remains at the discretion of the drivers refuse to take on board people visibly altered by drugs, alcohol or whatever, or that might endanger the safety of the driver, the means and the passengers themselves.

Rights and obligations of Piscedda Tourism

The Piscedda Tourism collaborates with other rental company with driver, with the same standards of quality and efficiency; in case of need you can make use of the same for the performance of services, if you so wished.
It engages in a reasonable way to convey vehicles (both their own and those of employees) always on time at every appointment, both incoming and outgoing. Not liable for delays due to causes beyond its control. In the event that for any reason directly attributable to our drivers should be no losses or additional costs, it will be refunded with the maximum amount of € 200.00 total.

Communications, reports and suggestions

All communications and reporting of any kind arising from our work must be made by telephone or email as soon as possible, in order to immediately resolve any discomfort and fully satisfy customer needs.